About Us

At B & B Le Ginestre, in an old manor house completely and finely renovated, you will find the finest accommodation to spend peaceful days in the heart of Versilia and its rich culture.

We are in Massarosa, a charming town of Versilia, just 10 minutes from the city of Lucca and the famous beaches of Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, 15 minutes from the golf course in Pietrasanta, 20 minutes from Pisa and its International Airport and 50 minutes from Florence.

The Apuan Alps, with its peaks, are there in the background … If you love mountain routes may follow paths that will guide the most scenic and picturesque peaks of rare beauty of the sun at sunset reflected in the waters of Lake Massaciuccoli, yet imbued notes of the music of composer Giacomo Puccini … nature reserve with numerous hiking trails.

The Lake Massaciuccoli is part of the natural park of San Rossore Migliarino and will not be able to see many rare specimens of the birds called Knights In Italy, herons, and other protected species who have found peace and serenity.

Archaeological finds from the Roman Massaciuccoli make an important destination full of charm and history.

Who stays in Massarosa can not help but notice that the olive trees, such as coats, wrap the hills. Their oil is a typical product of the area, famous for centuries, is made with old methods, with the traditional cultivation of plants and crafts still produced in mills.

The location of the Versilia coast and among the best known destination of world tourism is the nearby Viareggio and elegant. The entertainment center, home of the Carnival and nighttime refinement with its avant-garde and high-class clubs …the night life in the Apuan-Versilia Riviera and in the hinterland of these two major tourist areas is top notch and every passing year attracts more and more tourists of every age and every country.